An armed man, left, walks as displaced people who fled the recent fighting between government and rebel forces in Bor by boat across the White Nile, prepare to sleep in the open at night in the town of Awerial, South Sudan Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. The international Red Cross said Wednesday that the road from Bor to the nearby Awerial area "is lined with thousands of people" waiting for boats so they could cross the Nile River and that the gathering of displaced is "is the largest single identified concentration of displaced people in the country so far". (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)


Why PDM needs the people’s support?


Brought together by mutual obligations as stewards of the public interest, a group of concerned, and dedicated South Sudanese from all walks of life within and outside the country have taken upon them the responsibility to assist in salvaging the country.


The movement’s central goal is to ensure that the sentiments evoked by the December 2013 events and the July 2016 events are channelled and translated into renewed programmes for peace and development. It also aims to forge a political settlement to the conflict and influence the socio-economic development of the country under a new political dispensation following the imminent demise of Kiir's tribal regime.


PDM has joined hands with like-minded compatriots and friends of South Sudan calling for a FreshStart in the country to discuss and develop plans, programmes and projects to usher in a new dawn of political discourse based on informed, effective, efficient and accountable processes with the aim of achieving tangible development outcomes.


PDM aims to play a major role in assisting to take up responsibilities for the formulation of fundamental policies and legislation within which a future democratic non-tribal government will operate. This role will include developing processes to spearhead initiatives to ensure the advancement of the public interest.



PDM remains optimistic that the availed resource will be useful in informing the decisions of those who will have the privilege to serve the people at all levels.



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