Supporting Evidence-Based Public Policy

Policy Choices and Decisions Affect Every Aspect Of Our Daily Life

Peace, Security, and Justice

The options to administer justice and accountability, fostering reconciliation and where sustained international support for national efforts is required in post-conflict transition in South Sudan. Read More

Politics and Governance

Fostering political pluralism as key determinant for inclusive governance, rule of law and peace and security to ensure access to fundamental services and inclusive growth. Read More

Rehabilitation and Resettlement

Rebuilding the country starting from post-conflict repatriation, relief, resettlement, rehabilitation, and reconstruction (5Rs) Program and engagement in productive work. Read More

Focusing on the Farm

Revitalizing agriculture and creating sustainable rural livelihoods by directing oil revenues to rural infrastructure and agricultural development. Read More

Exiting Vulnerability

Building key institutions and capacities to proactively mitigating external shocks to systems of production, distribution, and consumption. Read More

Constitutional Review

Roadmap for a permanent constitution that allows peaceful and legal transfer of powers, strengthened  by effective public participation in the Review Process. Read More


Energy and Infrastructure

Economic infrastructure involves building and maintaining a road network that connects people and markets, energy and water systems  the create growth and improve livelihoods. Read More

Building Public Administration

Building capacities for public administration is a long-term endeavour with a diversity of tasks, The key is to acquire practical insights to policy implementation. Read More

Building Peace

Building Peace one community at a time, by deploying an intensive effort to reconcile communities driven out by too many years of hostility, cattle-raiding. and fear. Read More

Professional Armed Forces

Moving away from the current forms of military leadership that has been built on personal allegiance of soldiers with underlying ethnic loyalties, the interests of loosely incorporated local militias. Read More

An Environment for Prosperity

An economy built on predictability and stability, where government spending is sustainable, prices are stable, interest and exchange rates predictable, central bankers credible and the rules enforced. Read More

Forging a National Identity

Advancing social cohesion and accommodating ethnic identities through culture sport and the school system to build the nation and national identity in post-SPLM South Sudan. Read More

About Us

The People's Democratic Movement (PDM) is a popular grassroots Movement formed by concerned South Sudanese in the country and the Diaspora; in response to the political crisis and fast deteriorating economic, humanitarian and security situation in the Republic of South Sudan. It seeks to offer the way forward amid heightened ethnic polarisation and devastating conflict in the country, encouraged and abated primarily by President Salva Kiir’s divisive Government policy, incompetent, oppressive and corrupt leadership.